Thank you for caucusing!


Caucus for Jacob!

Attend your precinct caucus and become a city delegate to make sure Jacob earns the DFL endorsement!

1. Find Your Caucus Location and Pre-Register

Each precinct in Minneapolis has its own precinct caucus location. You can find your caucus location on the Minneapolis DFL caucus-finder, then pre-register for April 4th caucus to save time on data entry! You do not need to pre-register to participate, but it is recommended to help make sure you arrive at the right location.

Once you have pre-registered, print the ticket that is sent to your email inbox so you have all the location information with you when you head over on Tuesday night. You do not need a printed ticket to participate, it's just to help you.

2. Arrive at 6:30 PM on Tuesday, April 4th

Precinct caucuses across Minneapolis are on Tuesday, April 4th, at 7:00 PM. We recommend planning to show up at 6:30 PM to be early, especially in case of traffic. Be sure to ask your volunteer conveners at the precinct caucus if you have any questions.

3. Raise your hand and become a City Delegate!

Sometime after the 7:00 PM start time, the precinct caucus chair will ask for people who want to represent your precinct at the city convention on July 8, 2017. This is the time to raise your hand! If there are more people who want to be delegates than there are slots for your precinct, then there will likely be a "walking subcaucus".

The "walking subcaucus" is a method of proportional voting used in political party meetings to choose delegates to higher meetings. Supporters of each candidate or people who are undecided will "walk" to form groups in the room, or "subcaucuses". From each subcaucus, a number of delegates will be selected. Each subcaucus receives their number of delegates to select based on how many people are part of the subcaucus relative to the room as a whole.

The Short Answer: If there is a "walking subcaucus", rally around other Jacob supporters, even if you can't attend the city convention. The more people in the subcaucus, the more city delegates we can elect!

Now that you're ready, Commit to Caucus so we know you'll be there!

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