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“We can be a compassionate city that leaves no one behind.”


A bold vision for Minneapolis

For those of us who believe our differences are a foundation of strength, this past election and the turmoil in our country is cause for great concern. But right here in Minneapolis, I see a city filled with loving and passionate people who care deeply about making their community a better place. It is our collective strength that fills me with optimism and hope that through a bright vision and the courage to act on it, Minneapolis can be a beacon of opportunity and inclusivity for all. 

We can be a compassionate city where everyone can live in an affordable home in a safe and thriving neighborhood. We can be an empowering city where the ability to rise is based on creative ideas and hard work, not pre-determined by the zip code where you were born. 

We have the tools and resources to make that bright future a reality. But we will never get there through platitudes and lip service. We need a visible leader with a clear, bright vision to act and get the job done. I am that candidate, and I will be that Mayor! 

As a City Council Member representing Downtown, North Loop, Southeast, and the Northeast Arts District, I have kept campaign promises and we have delivered results. We have delivered exceptional constituent service (all questions get a return call), and the 3rd Ward has found new life. Come take a look! We’ve transformed oceans of surface parking lots into green space and community-minded development, we’ve led the way on residential growth and new small business openings, and we have incorporated affordable housing so that we all can rise together. 

I will be present, visible, and action-oriented. I will be out there every day championing a vision for Minneapolis that reaches out to the people and communities in our city that have been left behind for too long, because our great city can’t rise unless we all rise together.

I fell in love with this city and I want to be part of making it a better place for everyone. Will you join our team?



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