We Get Things Done

Jacob prides himself on not just talking about progressive change, but accomplishing it. Here are a few things his office has accomplished during his time on the City Council.

Paid Sick and Safe Time: Jacob co-authored and passed Minneapolis’s landmark progressive Paid Sick Leave ordinance.

Affordable Housing Trust Fund: Jacob fought to ensure that the City of Minneapolis fully funded the Affordable Housing Trust Fund and that it met the $10 million goal.

Early Voting: Jacob passed an ordinance bringing early voting satellite precincts and extended early voting hours to Minneapolis.

Tenant Voter Registration: Jacob passed a landmark law requiring landlords to provide their new tenants with voter registration information at move in.

Pollution Control: Jacob championed and passed a progressive environmental ordinance cracking down on air pollution by tying fees to pollution emitted.

Decriminalized Marijuana: Jacob authored a city ordinance that declassified marijuana possession as a criminal misdemeanor.

Commons Park: Jacob worked with public and private sector leaders to secure the support and funding necessary to bring the Commons park to life.

Ride Sharing: Jacob authored an ordinance allowing ride sharing companies like Uber and Lyft to operate in Minneapolis.

Urban Agriculture: Jacob took initiative in opening up numerous vacant lot spaces for urban agricultural farming.

X-Games Recruitment: As chair of Sports Minneapolis, Jacob recruited the X-games to Minneapolis for 2017-2018.

Residential Growth: Almost half of the city’s recent growth has been concentrated in the 3rd Ward, which Jacob represents.

Supporting Community-Based Schools: Jacob partnered with families and school board members for a new community based elementary school, Webster elementary.

Minimum Wage: Jacob co-authored a staff direction for a minimum wage increase recommendation.

Trail Expansion: Jacob collaborated with the Park Board on expansion of an East Side Mississippi river trail, connecting.

Hotel Modernization: Jacob passed a series of amendments to modernize our hotel code and allow for small, European style inns.

Milling: Ironically, milling was illegal in most parts of the city until Jacob authored a change to the Minneapolis zoning code that changed that.

Streamlining Restaurant Requirements: In partnership with other members of the City Council, Jacob worked to remove outdated and arbitrary sales ratio requirements that had previously saddled our beloved local restaurants with undue hardship.

Small Business Growth: Under Jacob’s leadership, the 3rd Ward has seen record numbers of small and locally owned businesses open and prosper.

Repurposing Surface Parking Lots: Jacob has led the fight to repurpose surface parking lots for affordable housing projects, green space, office units, and other investments that make Minneapolis a better city for everyone.


There is a lot more work to do. Can we count on you?