Transparency & Council Relations

I believe that leadership starts with communication, and if we want to bring together residents from diverse neighborhoods across the city, we need a mayor who is out front, visible, and bringing people together to discuss the big ideas necessary to move Minneapolis forward. As a mayor, I'd focus on these areas:

  • Host town halls in every ward in Minneapolis. Council Members included! Part of being a visible and accessible Mayor means showing up in all parts of the city and getting to know all communities in the city. As Mayor, I will hold at least one town hall for every Ward in the City every year and invite the council members for the respective wards to join me.
  • Hold open-ended monthly press conferences. I will personally hold open-ended press sessions at least once every month and answer questions. Each open-ended press session will be no less than 30 minutes, assuming there are questions to answer. Crafted statements dodge the meat of an issue, mask lack of understanding about a particular policy, and rob the public of necessary facts. We won't hide from press. They are doing their job by asking questions, and I will do mine by answering them.
  • Fulfill data practice requests in a timely manner. Being committed to transparency in city government means promoting transparency with actions, not just public statements of support for the idea of open government. My office will prioritize fulfilling and complying with all requests by press and other individuals for emails and information sent by my staff using city resources. The mayor has to be accountable for how they use city resources and how decisions and policies are formulated, and I will hold myself to that standard even when divulging such information might be bad politics for my administration. This is part of my pledge to make the Mayor's office a place where people always come before the politics.
  • Build a coalition for progress on the City Council. I think that my ability to work with Council Members of all ideological stripes is what has enabled me to be a productive Council Member that has won progressive victories on affordable housing, climate change, decriminalizing marijuana, and voting access. What Minneapolis needs now is a Mayor that can do the same, a leader who will put him/her/their self on the line on behalf of an agenda that lifts all communities in Minneapolis, not just a few.