Statement on 4th Precinct Police Department Appointments

“Public safety must be a top priority of the mayor's office. The Obama Administration's Department of Justice cited the breakdown of communication between the mayor and the chief of police as detrimental to the effective operation of the department and inimical to the safety of Minneapolis residents. Unfortunately, it is evident that problem still exists.

“Evaluation of inspector appointments should be done based on the ability of a candidate for appointment to effectively engage with the community to which they are assigned, as well as their general aptitude and skill. A strong relationship built on trust between the mayor and the chief is necessary to advance candidates that meet those standards. The inspector appointment to the 4th precinct, made by the chief and originally approved by the mayor, brought legitimate concerns raised by the community. While I'm glad these concerns are being addressed with the consideration of additional candidates, I am not privy to other potential candidates, and, therefore, it would be irresponsible of me to speak without full facts.

“Trust and communication was not present in the recent series of events. Without demonstrating that these routine functions are well-handled, Minneapolis residents are rightfully left concerned about whether we can trust that important community-minded reforms can advance in these circumstances. As mayor, I will seek to have a relationship with my police chief built on mutual trust and focused on the community to which they are entrusted to protect.”

— Council Member Jacob Frey