Dear Friends,

I just wrapped up another night of important conversations.
Over the past several months, I’ve had the opportunity to talk with some of the most active and engaged voters in the city about our campaign’s vision for Minneapolis. I've had the opportunity to learn from this diverse set of residents from across the city about the issues that most impact their lives. In the course of those discussions, I clearly hear three common themes discussed as we seek solutions to bridge our next generation in Minneapolis.  
Opportunity. Engagement. Justice.
Opportunity. Engagement. Justice. Whether we’re talking about the affordable housing crisis, policing, small business, standing up for our immigrant community, or just being the clear and visible leader this city needs, the people of Minneapolis are interested in plainly articulated solutions to the problems we all face.

Minneapolis needs to a clear vision as we set the course for our future. In the lead up to the Minneapolis DFL Convention, I’m going to be highlighting the real, substantive policy positions that make up our platform. In the coming days, I’ll focus on each of the themes above and expand on our big vision for a better city. Together, we can create the type of progressive community that serves as a model for the rest of the country.

OpportunityThe City of the Future
Green Growth, Urban Agriculture, and Multi-Modal Transportation
Lifting Wages and Supporting Small Business
Arts and Education
EngagementConnecting Citizens with their Government
City Services and Constituent Care
Voting Rights and Access
Transparency and Working Together with the Council
JusticeA Minneapolis for Everyone
Affordable Housing and Ending Homelessness
Bail Reform, Second Chances, and Safety Beyond Policing
Standing with our Immigrant Neighbors
Check your inbox or follow our Facebook page as we provide more detail on each of these important issues in the coming days. Together, we can create a stronger Minneapolis for everyone.

With thanks, 

Jacob Frey

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