Multi-Modal Transportation

The way Minneapolitans get around is changing. As the city grows, our people become less car-centric. This transition is being facilitated by car-sharing programs, walkable development, and -- in the not-too-distant future -- driverless cars. As mayor, I pledge to work with the council to support a transportation plan that recognizes these changes.

  • Prioritize pedestrian access and safety in designing our streets. Despite some progress, the city still often makes planning decisions with an automobile-centric mentality. With federal money for pedestrian improvements likely to dry up under a Trump administration, I will make sure the city steps up on pedestrian improvements such as stop signs and curb extensions at dangerous intersections.
  • Extend support for trail and bikeway access in Minneapolis. Minneapolis can work with other municipalities to extend marquee trails like the Greenway to St. Paul. Additionally, protected bike lanes should widen to add planter protection rather than simply using plastic bollards. We can improve bikeway safety while greening our city at the same time. Supporting multi-modal transportation is key to making Minneapolis a city that works for everyone. 
  • Expand bus rapid transit and light rail. By working with partners at the State, Met Council, and Hennepin County, I'm confident we can build a political coalition to support a more robust public transit system, including light rail and bus rapid transit. With Republicans controlling the state legislature, it is more important than ever that we have a proactive mayor who will champion Minneapolitans' right to affordable public transit.