Jacob Frey announces campaign for Mayor

Promises bright vision, present leadership for all of Minneapolis

January 3, 2016
Contact: media@jacobfrey.org

MINNEAPOLIS—Minneapolis Councilmember Jacob Frey announced his candidacy for Mayor of Minneapolis at a rally with hundreds of supporters Tuesday night.

In announcing his candidacy, Frey recounted why he fell in love with Minneapolis: “I found a city with loving and compassionate people who care deeply about making their community a better place. I found a city with strong visionary leaders like R.T. Rybak. who were never content with modest, regional success. We can be great, he would say. We can be world class. And I believed it,” said Frey.

“We need a visible, present leader with a clear, bright vision to use the full power of the mayor’s office and get the job done,” Frey continued. “The bar is set too low. We don’t need to settle for simply defending our city against Donald Trump.”

“We can lead by example, facing the world hand in hand to declare that Minneapolis is a welcoming city where everyone can live in an affordable home in a safe and thriving neighborhood. We can be an empowering city where the ability to rise is based on creative ideas and hard work, not pre-determined by the zip code where you were born. We can be the greenest city in America, a place that champions our creative class, a place where entrepreneurs can thrive, and a place that has worked together to solve homelessness - not by getting rid of people experiencing homelessness but by bucking up and getting them a place to call home.”

“We need a visible leader with a clear, bright vision to act and get the job done. I’m here to announce that in 2017 I will be that candidate, and at this time one year from now, I will be that mayor,” he concluded.