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It's time for a fresh start, Minneapolis.


Jacob is the #1 Endorsed Candidate of the
Star Tribune & MN Daily

From the Star Tribune:
"We recommend first-choice votes for Jacob Frey in the Nov. 7 ranked-choice mayoral election." 

"A successful mayor must be able to both project a compelling vision outside City Hall and form the alliances inside that can make a vision real. Among the 16 contenders for mayor, Frey seems best able to do both. [He] is a gifted communicator who has stood out on the City Council as both a leading voice and a consensus-builder." 

"[Frey is] a candidate who takes policy formation seriously, does not shrink from complexity and is eager to enlist allies in making change." 

From the Minnesota Daily
"We urge Minneapolis voters to select [Frey] as their first-ranked choice for mayor on Nov. 7." 

"As a council member, Frey worked relentlessly as a consensus builder, bringing people of all political affiliations together to enact change. He has a history of working with both sides of any issue to find a common, agreeable middle ground. This willingness will help him to not only tackle immediate issues, but more systemic problems across the city that require legislative backing for change."

"Frey’s plan to address police reform and public safety has also been the most robust plan during the mayoral race. It clearly balances the pragmatic responsibilities of a mayor while setting into play a long list of innovative and achievable ideas."


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I'm Jacob Frey, and I'm running for Mayor of Minneapolis

I'm a Minneapolis City Council Member, a civil rights attorney, an advocate for social justice, and a proud resident of the greatest city in America.

Minneapolis has been in the news for all the wrong reasons. It's time for a fresh start. We need to change the narrative and the headlines by uniting the city around a clear vision for growing shared opportuntie, justice, and transparent engagement.

We’re lucky to live in a beautiful, vibrant city, but we need to address very real challenges such as the achievement gap, affordable housing and homelessness, public safety and police reform, improved public transit, climate change, and more. My commitment to the people of Minneapolis has never been stronger, nor has my drive to lead us toward being the world-class city we deserve to be. I ask for your support.

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My Vision for Minneapolis