Ending Homelessness

“I pledge to end homelessness in Minneapolis within 5 years.”

I pledge to end homelessness in Minneapolis within 5 years. Everyone deserves a place to call home where they can close the door to a hectic world and rejuvenate for the next day. While investments have been made to mitigate the problem, we have not taken bold action to give people experiencing homelessness the tools to rise. 80% of our homeless population has at least one job, and 40% have two jobs, but they still can’t afford a home because the cost gap between a homeless shelter and low-income housing is too vast — even with a job. Not only is ending homelessness the compassionate thing to do, it is also the smart thing to do. The cost to the city of a person living on the street is around $40,000 a year — nearly 3 times the cost of giving them housing. Give people the tools to empower themselves, and they will rise!

Conrad Zbikowski