City Services & Constituent Care

  • Guarantee all constituents a response from the Mayor's office within 24 hours. If you live, work, or play in Minneapolis, you are important to us, and you deserve timely correspondence and a clear answer. Here's my pledge: when I am mayor, if you call/email our office with a question, you will get a response within 24 hours. This is a high bar, but I want you to hold us to it!
  • Make a point of personally speaking to constituents who call the Mayor's office. As a Council Member, I answer the phone myself when I'm in the office, and that will not change as mayor. I want to hear from constituents, and I will not hide from difficult issues. Rather, I'll step up my game and communicate even more. If you call in with a question when I'm in office, don't be surprised if you get a call back from the Mayor directly.
  • Commit my administration to high quality and efficient city services. The most important thing a city can do to make life easier for its residents is to guarantee them high quality and efficient city services. Every day, Minneapolis residents depend on their city government to ensure our sidewalks are walkable regardless of weather conditions, streets are plowed after snow storms, potholes are filled, and garbage is collected in a timely manner. While this is a management issue, it is also an equity issue for me: potholes and roads are fixed significantly slower in North Minneapolis than other wealthier neighborhoods of Minneapolis. As your mayor, I will make sure that Minneapolis does not allow the basic city services that we depend on to fall by the wayside.