Let's work together for our city

Meet Jacob


My name is Jacob Frey, and I want to be your mayor. I'm a Minneapolis City Council Member, a civil rights attorney, an advocate for social justice, and a proud resident of the greatest city in America.




I grew up in northern Virginia and went to the College of William and Mary in Williamsburg, VA on a track scholarship. After graduating with a degree in government, I began running professionally while also attending law school at Villanova University in Philadelphia, PA. While in law school, I came to Minneapolis to run the Twin Cities Marathon. Two amazing things happened--first, my time qualified me to compete for Team USA at the 2007 PanAm Games where I came in fourth and, second but more importantly, I fell in love with Minneapolis. The day after graduation I packed up my car and drove 1,200 miles west to my chosen home.




While practicing employment and civil rights law at Faegre & Benson (now Faegre Baker Daniels) and later Halunen Law, I knew I wanted to apply the same work ethic that made me a successful runner to efforts that increased equity, brought people together, and made a real difference in the lives of my fellow Minnesotans. I became an active community organizer. In 2011, I organized the first Big Gay Race, which raised over $250,000 to help defeat the hateful constitutional amendment against marriage equality. I also became involved in advocacy for the homeless, including helping tenants who lost their homes to the North Side tornado. In 2012, the City of Minneapolis honored me with its inaugural Martin Luther King, Jr. Award for my civil rights work.




In 2013, I successfully ran for city council in Minneapolis' Third Ward, unseating a long-time incumbent, with a platform that championed constituent services, increasing residential growth, growing the number and variety of small and local businesses, getting affordable housing fully funded, and helping open a new community-based school to serve the growing number of families living near the central riverfront.



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I'm proud to have delivered on my campaign promises over the past four years. The Third Ward is thriving. Under my leadership, the Third Ward has accounted for more than 65 percent of all growth in Minneapolis, affordable housing is funded at record levels, we have a new community-based school that is winning awards, we've seen record numbers of small business openings, and we've implemented substantial green space improvements that add value to public spaces. That's just the beginning. I've also led the way on dramatically reducing surface parking lots, fully connecting the Mississippi trail in Northeast, imposing fees that reduced air pollutant emmissions, and implementing programs that have increased voter registration and engagement at record levels. You can see even more of my results here.




We’re lucky to live in a beautiful, vibrant city, but we need to address very real challenges such as the achievement gap, affordable housing and homelessness, public safety and police reform, improved public transit, climate change, and more. My commitment to the people of Minneapolis has never been stronger, nor has my drive to lead us toward shared opportunity.

I love Minneapolis. It’s the city where I met and married my wife, Sarah. It’s the city I’m proud to live in and the place I want to keep working hard to do the right thing--for every resident. I ask for your support.